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When Hong Kong Tramways was founded in 1904, the 26 tramcars of the first fleet were all single-deck. After more than 100 years, we now own and operate a fleet of 165 tramcars which includes 2 antique trams and 1 sightseeing tram. It is the world's largest double-deck tram fleet still in operation, carrying an average of 200,000 passengers every day.

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To be the world's most iconic and ingenious tramways

Proud of our heritage while striving to go beyond the expectations of the 21st century customers

  • Protect our heritage and develop our worldwide recognition
  • With warm and sincere spirit of service, put customers foremost
  • Strive to provide affordable, reliable and convenient transport services
  • Care for the environment, our employees and the community


  • Acting with passion fuels our daily commitment. Showing a high degree of responsibility and initiative, each employee performs with enthusiasm becoming a trusted partner.


  • Upholding the public's trust starts with a corporate culture of mutual trust and respect. Trust is built on the belief in the importance of each employee's contribution to the company's achievements. It relies on the openness of each individual to ensure transparency and getting forward.


  • Actively seek meaningful collaborations inside and outside the company. Staying open, listening, understanding, sharing and exchanging, we recognize that collaboration could achieve greater output than the sum of its individual members.


  • Be innovative and smart, find better ways to solve issues.


  • Embrace changes as the environment keeps evolving. Work across departments, be flexible and advocate diversity, fulfill our customers' expectations.

Hong Kong Tramways is committed to the sustainable development of the Hong Kong community and making positive environmental impacts by integrating eco-friendliness in its operations, management and programmes.

The Greenest

Hong Kong Tramways is proud to be the greenest mode of public transport in Hong Kong, which contributes to curbing air and noise pollutions on roads, as well as reducing carbon footprint.

  • Tramcar is the only on-land vehicle in the city, which emits zero roadside emissions.
  • The newly introduced Signature Tram combines the classic exterior and state-of-art eco-friendly elements, including energy-efficient LED lights installed on trams and the aluminum tram body structure which is more durable than wood and allows more space in the compartment.
  • The applications of advanced technologies of thermit welding and rail welding have significantly reduced the noise produced in the course of maintenance and repair.
  • The upgrading of tram engines and the efforts in replacing all worn traction gears and resilient wheel rubber of the tramcars under a regular maintenance programme greatly make tram service quieter.

The Most Space-Efficient

  • Tram remains an efficient and the most economical mode of public transport in Hong Kong. It is the world's largest fleet of double-deck tramcars still in operation, carrying an average of 200,000 passengers every day.
  • The road space consumed by each tram passenger during peak period is 0.25 square meters only; hence, tram as the most affordable, the greenest and a very space efficient mode of transport can fully play its role.

The Most Affordable & Convenient

  • The tram stops are located at an interval of around 250m on average.
  • Tram offers affordability for passengers at the current fares of HK$3.00 for adults, HK$1.50 for children aged under 12 and HK$1.30 for senior citizens aged 65 or above. Unlike other modes of public transport in Hong Kong, fare charged is uniform regardless of the distance travelled.


  • Knowing the people of Hong Kong have strong sentimental attachment towards trams, Hong Kong Tramways preserves it as an icon of Hong Kong and, at the same time, keeps up efforts in making trams faster, smoother and safer, in order to address the expectations of the 21st century customers.
  • Tram holds a special place in the heart of Hong Kong citizens and is considered a city landmark, classified among the legendary tramways by National Geographic. Preserving that precious culture and heritage is as important as fulfilling daily customers’ expectations with making advancements to meet people’s current and future needs.
Hong Kong Tramways, Limited (HKT) is wholly owned by RATP Dev Transdev Asia since April 2010. Full ownership was performed in two phases after the initial acquisition of 50% of HKT in April 2009 and allowed RATP Dev Transdev Asia and the management more flexibility for implementing new projects locally to improve the service quality while maintaining the heritage image of the iconic double-decker tramways of Hong Kong. 
RATP Dev Transdev Asia is an Asian joint venture between two French leading operators of public transport, RATP Dev and Transdev. The joint venture runs various transport businesses including Hong Kong Tramways, Seoul Metro Line 9 in Korea, Mumbai Metro Line 1 in India and Nanjing Bus networks in China. RATP Dev Transdev Asia combines service quality, economic performance and a dedication to the public interest and plans development in other Asian countries.

From April 2010 to September 2020, Hong Kong Tramways, Limited (HKT) is wholly owned by RATP Dev Transdev Asia (RDTA). RATP Dev Group assumes full control of RDTA since October 2020, and fully owns HKT since then.

RATP Dev is wholly owned by RATP which operates the public transport network in the greater Paris, one of the biggest multimodal transport networks in the world. RATP Dev was set up in 2002 to develop RATP’s activities in transport system operation and maintenance outside of Paris. It operates bus, tram, train and metro worldwide. RATP and RATP Dev are committed to using its knowledge and expertise from decades of experience in operating public transportation to develop the highest quality public transport networks in the world.

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