Corporate Background

Hong Kong Tramways, Limited (HKT) is wholly owned by Veolia Transport China Limited (VTCL) since April 2010. Full ownership was performed in two phases after the initial acquisition of 50% of HKT in April 2009 and allowed VTCL and the new management more flexibility for implementing new projects locally to improve the service quality while maintaining the heritage image of the iconic double-decker tramways of Hong Kong.

VTCL is a subsidiary of Veolia Transport - RATP Asia owned by Transdev and RATP Development.

Tram Fleet and Service

World's Largest Double-deck Tram Fleet

When Hong Kong Tramways was founded, the 26 tramcars of the first fleet were all single-deck. After more than 100 years, we now own and operate a fleet of 163 tramcars which includes 2 antique tramcars. It is the world's largest fleet of double-deck tramcars still in operation, carrying an average of 230,000 passengers every day.

We now have: